About This BTKR Blog

On 29 March 2017 I underwent bilateral total knee replacement surgery. I was almost exactly 65 1/2 years old at the time.

I anticipated the operation but was not prepared for the aftermath. All I knew was that I would be helped to get up onto my feet the morning after my op (I promptly pushed that piece of knowledge out of mind), that I would spend about 4 days in the hospital and then about 2 weeks in a rehab center. I was shown a model of the spare parts that would replace my broken down knees but had no idea that there were different kinds with different qualities. I could have hit google and found out a lot by myself before the operation, something I often do for less dramatic changes in my life; I have no idea why I waited till after it was all over to do my research.

I had heard that it takes time to heal from the operation and for me, “time to heal” meant about 6 weeks — till the first post-op appointment with my surgeon. I had had other surgeries in my life. Six weeks seemed about right to me. That was a good joke on me. Six weeks! That was just the beginning!

At the time of beginning this writing, it was 11 weeks after my bones were sanded and new parts cemented on. I learned a lot in that time, and even more since then. Because I have always coped with life’s challenges by writing about them, I started a diary on Facebook just before surgery and I have copied all my posts here for anyone who is interested in how rehab might go for the determined and (sometimes overly) optimistic individual.

I also want to provide you with my conclusions and recommendations because not everyone will be interested in the nitty-gritty of rehab but might want some advice from someone who has been there. I will update the conclusions as I learn more with time . . . and the progress diary will be kept until I will have reached what I consider my recovery endpoint, however long that may take.